• “I am really pleased with his schoolwork. I guess I can thank LDHope for that. Simply put, he seems to be thinking. I’ve been so concerned about his ability to learn. He is doing really well with Math and Spelling and his reading is improving. I know he has a long way to go to be age appropriate, but this is a wonderful start. He is learning! He is thinking! Thanks!"


Beginning Reading and Phonological Awareness

Common Signs of Learning Struggles


Homeschooling an ADHD Child

Music Therapy Assists Students with Learning Difficulties

NonVerbal Learning Disability

Visual Processing Struggles

What are Learning Disabilities

Virtual Resources Skills Addressed Description
Signing Time ASL instruction in a variety of content areas including: Communication, Life Skills Movement, Music, Science, Sight Words, Social-Emotional Skills, Vocabulary Videos, activities, learning guides and music teaching American Sign Language (ASL)
Epic Books STEAM-Aligned Literacy Content, Decoding, Listening, Reading, Comprehension, Vocabulary, Word Tracking eBooks available including read alouds, read alongs, learning videos and quizzes; Spanish also available
Mommy Speech therapy Articulation, Blends and digraphs, Consonant sounds, Phonology, Speech sound development, Story Structure practice, Vowel sounds Free downloadable activities and worksheets focusing on speech and language development; links to apps to support student speech and language goals
LExplore Literacy, Phonological awareness, Reading comprehension, Decoding, Fluency, Home learning series, Reading routines Multi-Sensory Literacy Activities; geared toward struggling readers and students with literacy-based disabilities; live training webinars for teachers and families
AbleNet Communication, Expressive Language, Literacy, Receptive Language, Sentence Building, Vocabulary Lessons and activities in language and vocabulary for AAC users and students who benefit from visual support for communication No videos; All online programs are virtual, including tools, game boards, and numbers
Social / Emotional / Metal Health Resources
Centervention Communication, Cooperation, Emotion Regulation -Empathy, Impulse Control, Social Initiation Games and activities available online and for download addressing social skills and emotion regulation
Close Gap Bullying Prevention, Emotion Regulation, Self-Awareness Resources in guiding students, families and educators in emotion regulation with a daily emotion tracking tool