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 In thousands of homes, children and parents are struggling because of low school achievement. Parents are frustrated with the realization that their children are not easily succeeding in schoolwork. The child feels “dumb and stupid” because schoolwork is so difficult and the student cannot live up to his or her parents’ expectations.
Boy with Learning DisabilityThe student who wants to achieve and cannot feels helpless. Every day, the printed page continues to be confusing and frustrating. After being moved to lower reading groups or classes, the student assumes he or she cannot expect success. Suddenly, the exciting school experiences he or she was anticipating have become a bad dream.
At home, the problem is magnified by parental disapproval due to low grades, lost assignments, and incomplete work. The student is often trying as hard as he or she can, but nothing seems to be working. For the next few years, the school attempts various new methods to make the student’s learning experience successful, but none seem to work. In a short time, the student’s personality changes. The once bouncy, excited youth becomes angry, uncommunicative, and negative about anything related to school.
This approach to learning is repeated in thousands of American homes. Children who can develop tremendous learning skills in areas such as mechanical abilities, art, computing, or memorizing a football playbook are lost in the average classroom or a resource room. Why have traditional approaches not helped this population?
Through years of private therapy and contracting with hundreds of private schools and individuals, it has been found that the difficulty usually lies in identifying the true source of the problem. We have found that most students with constant failure have developmental problems in processing and/or memory necessary to succeed in the classroom.

LDHope is an easy-to-use, computer-based multi-sensory learning system therapy developed to improve weak modalities.

If a student is not able to learn in the classroom due to the above mentioned causes, repeated efforts using traditional approaches will not usually succeed. LDHope implements a unique therapy approach, enabling the student to develop the skills for learning. It is truly amazing to watch a non-successful student become very excited about school and reading when he has finally developed the skills to achieve.
Therapy-based remediation has been an effective answer for thousands of children and adults with no previous chance of success. In Elkton, Maryland, students who enter our learning labs improve their reading skills 96% of the time, according to the Director of Special Education.
If there is a chance a therapy approach can offer success for struggling students, then no parent, teacher, or school should accept failure.
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