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Learning Efficiency Evaluation

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Learning Efficiency Evaluation.

You want to see your child reach his or her potential. We want to help you find the right tools.

Complete Learning Efficiency Evaluation

The Evaluation is more than just an academic assessment. You will learn what happens to information when your child reads it, hears it, or sees it. Where does it go? What is he / she doing with it?
A ninety minute assessment, administered via web meeting in the comfort of your home will give you the answers you need to help your child on the path to success.

The Learning Efficiency Evaluation is administered by our trained staff via web conference in the comfort of your home. Parents receive a comprehensive report defining the learning difficulty or areas of deficiency with recommendations for correction.

The evaluation also includes Diagnostic Screening Tests for Reading and Spelling, and a placement test for the suggested therapy. Upon completion of the evaluation each student will receive a comprehensive report. This report defines the student’s language skills, memory, and processing strengths and weaknesses. Along with a plan for how to address your students area of learning struggle.

How does it work? With the evaluation, we measure multiple areas of language skills giving you a clear understanding of your child’s reading abilities. Including words, word structure, reading comprehension, phonics, and spelling skills – just to name a few.

However, the main focus of the evaluation, is to examine “how” the brain processes information. Where is the information going when your child hears it, sees it, and reads it? Is your child able to fully process the input he / she is receiving? Or is it getting lost along the way?

Don’t let your child struggle any longer! These evaluation tools will set you and your child on the path for academic and lifelong learning success!