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It is painful to struggle every day with your job or wonder where your life will take you next, and whether or not you are prepared.

You may be thinking: “Why are things so difficult? What is happening?”  Words like Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, and Learning Disability float through your mind. “What is going on? How can I find out?”

We have a solution. We will help you understand what is going on within you or your loved one’s mind, and give you the tools to correct the struggle. We have helped thousands, and we will help you!

Our inexpensive Learning Assessment is not a battery of tests designed to look for a label. You don’t need labels to tell you there is something working incorrectly. The Learning Assessment is a tool to help you understand what exactly is happening to information you receive. How your memory is storing that information, and where it may be going wrong.

Once you know what is happening and how information is being processed, you will have a better picture of where to go from there.

More than just an academic assessment, you will learn what happens to information when you or your loved one reads it, hears it, or sees it. Where does it go? What are you or your loved one doing with it? How can we help you or your loved one remember and recall it?
With our ninety minute assessment you will get the answers you need to continue your path to success.

How does it work? With the evaluation, we measure multiple areas of language skills. This will give you a clear understanding of your ability to understand words, word structure, reading, comprehension, phonics, and spelling skills – just to name a few.

The main focus of the evaluation is to examine how the brain processes information. Where is the information going when you hear it, see it, and read it? Are you able to fully process the input you are receiving, or is it getting lost along the way?

We will help you or your loved one properly sequence thoughts and information so you can use it at work, or in your day to day life.

You and your loved one can understand what is happening, and guess what? It is correctable! There is HOPE – We can HELP!