Wilson Scholarship Program

The Wilson scholarship program is a generous gift from the parents of two of our former students. The improvements have made such an impact on their family that they have donated funds to pay half of the cost for 50 students so they too can benefit from the help and hope that the LDHope program will bring.

"We want to thank Essential Learning Institute for helping two of our children when we thought there was no hope! Fourteen years ago our daughter
hated school, she could read well but when she tried to remember what she read she couldn't remember even a little bit. Homework was terrible, we spent many hours in tears and frustration before we found the LDHope program. After only a few months on the program we started noticing a big difference in her confidence and then her memory. Today she has her Master's degree, is married and is excelling at work in a very challenging field.

Our son also went through the LDHope program when he was in middle school and it changed his whole life! He began reading books, something he had never been interested in before, and his writing improved dramatically. Today he is in college studying to be an engineer.

Without the LDHope program our children would not be where they are today and we want to give back to help 50 other students find hope."

Thank you to the Wilson family for this generous gift.

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