Learning Disability Statistics

The Numbers and the Tragedies

75% - 80% of special education students identified as LD have their basic deficits in language and reading; Source: National Institutes of Health

35% of students identified with learning disabilities drop out of high school. This is twice the rate of their non-disabled peers. (This does not include the students who are not identified and drop out); Source: National Longitudinal Transition Study (Wagner)

50% of all students in special
education in the public schools have learning disabilities -- 2.25
million children; Source: U.S. Dept. of Education

60% of adults with
severe literacy problems have undetected or untreated learning
disabilities; Source: National Adult Literacy and Learning Disabilities

50% of juvenile delinquents
tested were found to have undetected learning disabilities; Source:
National Center for State Courts and the Educational Testing Service

Up to 60% of adolescents in
treatment for substance abuse have learning disabilities: Source:
Hazelton Foundation, Minnesota

62% of learning disabled students were unemployed one year after graduation; Source: National Longitudinal Transition Study (Wagner)

31% of adolescents with learning disabilities will be arrested 3-5 years out of high school.


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