Frequently Asked Questions

Q What does LDHope do?
A First, we identify the learning problems by finding the cause of the struggle. Then, we work to therapeutically strengthen those weak areas and build written and spoken language skills. We treat the cause, not the symptoms.

Q What kind of improvements can I expect from your program?
A Many of our students have seen improved communication and organization, ease in studies and homework, less stress, increased confidence, and increased self-esteem.

Q Would you tell me more about the Testing Kit?
A The Test Kit can be administered in several ways. It can be ordered and given by you within the comfort of your own home, the evaluation can be administered via screenshare by our trained evaluators, or, if you live near our Catasauqua, PA center, we can administer it here.
The test takes about an hour to an hour and a half. If necessary, the test can be broken up into three segments. The test is an excellent way to identify learning strengths and weaknesses and is a very helpful tool for understanding your student's struggles whether you choose to do the therapy or not.

Q What learning issues are covered in the test results?
A This test identifies the student's reading grade level, including comprehension and comfort/frustration reading levels. It addresses spelling grade level, including phonics knowledge comparison of auditory vs. visual processing. It indicates whether your student is an auditory learner or a visual learner.  Detailed graphs are provided, showing the student’s immediate, short-term, and long-term memory. This shows details regarding how well the student retains information.

Q How long does it take to receive test results?
A In most cases, a complete results packet will be sent to you within 3 business days. If the test is done at our center, you may opt to have the results sent by mail, or come back into the office for the results. Depending on results, we may suggest our Sensory Integration therapy program.

Q How does the Sensory Integration Training (SIT) therapy work?
A The SIT program is done on your computer with accompanying worksheets. It is done four days per week, one hour per day. It takes about nine-ten months to complete. The program takes you automatically through the exercises and moves you onto the next lesson for the next session. Our staff will keep up with your progress if you choose to send in the monthly score sheets that can be easily printed out after each lesson.

Q What is the age range for this therapy?
A The therapy is appropriate and effective for ages 6-adult.

Q My child is only a basic reader and struggles with letters. Can he still do this therapy?
A Yes. In most cases we will begin a basic reader on our 6-week letter identification program before starting the therapy. There is no additional charge for this extra program.

Q What is your success rate with this program?
We have had almost 30 years of success with this program! We offer the program to individuals, schools, and learning centers. We hear many great things about how children are improving in all areas. You can find our comments and testimonials on our homepage.

Help for Learning Disabilities

Q What are the computer requirements for the therapy program?
A  All you need is a computer with Internet access. If you do not have Internet access please contact us to explore additional options.

Q Is purchasing your Testing Kit a requirement in order to do the therapy program?
A No, in some cases other test results may be helpful in determining where to place the individual on the therapy program. However, if you opt to do the therapy program without our testing, you waive the option to do the post-therapy test, which is normally compared to the first test for a progress report.

Q I am interested in a homeschool curriculum to accompany the therapy. Do you offer a therapy/homeschool package?
 We have partnered with Bridgeway Academy. Bridgeway provides the homeschool curriculum and LDHope the Therapy Kit for one affordable price. A convenient payment plan is also available.

Q How can I receive more information about your testing and program?
A Request an Info Pack HERE

Call 800-285-9089. We will be happy to answer your questions and discuss your learning needs

 Email office@ldhope.org You will receive an emailed answer promptly!


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