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In thousands of homes, children and parents are struggling because of low school achievement. Parents are frustrated with the realization that their children are not easily succeeding in schoolwork. The child feels “dumb and stupid” because schoolwork is so difficult and the student cannot live up to his or her parents’ expectations.

The student who wants to achieve and cannot feels helpless. Every day, the printed page continues to be confusing and frustrating. After being moved to lower reading groups or classes, the student assumes he or she cannot expect success. Suddenly, the exciting school experiences he was anticipating have become a bad dream.

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  • 1.Evaluation and Testing
    Evaluation done in the comfort of your home. Also includes Diagnostic Screening Tests for Reading and Spelling.
  • 2.Sensory Integration Therapy
    LDHope is an easy-to-use, computer-based multi-sensory learning system therapy developed to improve weak modalities.
  • 3.Improved Learning
    If there is a chance a therapy approach can offer success for struggling students, then no parent, teacher, or school should accept failure.

Why Choose Us!

Why We Care

We know that every child is an individual and there are no one-size-fits-all learning therapies. We believe that every child should reach their fullest potential in spite of their challenges.

School Testimonial

"Your program is so easy to administrate. We have been able to use our present staff without undo pressure--your support staff are so helpful...Jamie’s reading comprehension has improved 4 1/2 grade levels in five months--unbelievable!" (Special Ed Teacher, B.C.)

Parent Testimonial

“My son is remembering a lot more. His handwriting is actually pretty now. Schoolwork is better. Over vacation, our family commented on a tremendous difference in speech. He is much more relaxed at home and doesn’t stutter as much.” (Parent, PA)

See What Students Have to Say

Testimonials and success stories

  • As a missionaries, we struggled to get any help for our son and felt quite frustrated and defeated. Getting the help from LDHope was such an encouragement. I saw our son make so much improvement in his schooling. He is enjoying his school, and I feel more confident and on…

  • Andy is doing so well this year, it is a night and day difference from last year. By the end of last year he would not even try to do anything harder than adding and subtracting in Math and he is now doing long division and multiples. His confidence has…

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