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Learning Disability Therapy

A highly effective learning program for the struggling student.

Essential Learning Institute offers a unique and effective program for students with learning difficulties. After attending conventions, software shows and examining numerous educational catalogs, we have found the majority of Learning disability programs focus on reading remediation, tutoring or training. There are very few technologically advanced programs that approach specific areas of educational therapy.

The main difference between the Essential Learning Institute's sensory integration therapy and other programs is that ELI is not merely a reading program, the focus is correcting learning processing deficits.
A thorough understanding of this information will help you distinguish between Essential Learning Institute’s extensive educational therapy program and most other remediation and tutorial approaches.

Essential Learning Institute has at its educational core a programming that has a distinct advantage over most programs because it is strictly an educational therapy program. The result of this therapeutic approach to learning difficulties is dramatic gains in reading, writing, speaking, spelling and comprehension of the English language. These changes occur in developmental order from simple to complex.

The approach of Essential Learning Institute is to first determine the root cause of the learning difficulty and then prescribe an individualized strategy to remove problem areas. This approach is unique. ELI is therapeutic not compensatory.

The main difference between the ELI sensory integration therapy and other programs is that ELI is not merely a reading program. There are few companies in the business of educational therapy with a program as massive as ELI. Our goal is to serve all students, especially the non-reached population. If a student is progressing in any other program, we do not automatically recommend that this student be enrolled in ours.

We are seeking the student that has not been able to progress in any other program and is feeling the discouragement. Because we are willing to serve the student who is failing in the classroom and students, young and old, who will likely drop out of school, our population is unique.

ELI is referred to as an "intensive care" learning system. The educational therapy approach may be the final approach to reaching students who have not learned by other methods. The multi-sensory, interactive approach is highly successful with the non-achieving students. I am sure you can imagine the success a marginal student on ELI would experience.

brain communicationEnables the brain to communicate with itself more effectively!

ELI uses human speech which allows us to have an immediate effect with a multi-sensory process volume controlled decibels of sound in each ear.

  • External stimulation of the language centers of the brain
  • Interactive, multi-sensory, computer-aided instruction
  • Intensive repetition
  • Human friendly responses


Our product is ultimately exclusive. ELI cannot be compared with any reading or learning program. There are thousands of reading programs on the market and many are excellent, multi-sensory approaches, but they do not identify the lack of success and work on strengthening specific weak areas the way that Essential Learning Institute does. Students will have success in our program, which will lead to success in existing school programs.

Treat the cause not the symptom

Following are brief points that are exclusive to Essential Learning Institute:

  • ELI contains 3,200 recorded words, phrases and sentences, all recorded in human speech.
  • ELI has a total Management System incorporated. All scoring is computed by the computer.
  • ELI is an educational therapy program that involves neurologically natural skills and strengthens weak areas of processing memory and integration training.

All of this makes ELI a unique product.

We at Essential Learning Institute have developed a unique way to deliver to you, what we believe to be, the most effective learning program for the struggling student available anywhere at any price. We consider it our mission to assist you in making your child a successful student, capable of achieving his/her highest learning potential. Our clinical program has been tested and proven by tens of thousands of students. There is an answer!



There is hope!

We can help!

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