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Homeschooling a Struggling Student

Being a parent of a child with learning struggles can be challenging in itself, and taking on the role of teacher can be a little frightening.We have heard your concerns and have partnered with the leading homeschool academy – Bridgeway Academy is a fully accredited homeschool academy meeting the needs of homeschoolers for over 25 years.
With this partnership, your child will receive fully customized academics focused on how your child’s learning style as well as an individualized learning therapy program tailored to help your child overcome learning struggles. We call it our HOPE Package because that’s just what it gives: hope. Through Sensory Integration technology, the therapy program enables your child’s brain to learn more effectively, helping them to overcome learning struggles in the comfort of your home. Our combined academic and LD therapy program is just what your child needs to make an academic U-turn.

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