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It is painful to watch your child's struggle every day with school.

Find the root of your child learning difficulty with our learning efficiency evaluation. You want to see your child reach his or her potential. We want to help you find the right tools.

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Do you have students who are unable to keep up with your academic program

We have a complete therapy package for your school. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to watch your students regain their enthusiasm for learning.

Help for Students

More than just an academic assessment, you will learn what happens to information when you or your loved one reads it, hears it or sees it. Where does it go? What is he doing with it? How can we help him remember and recall it?

Help for Schools

Don’t let your LD students struggle through another school year of frustration and failure. We can help! Call today and let us help you implement this exciting program in your school.

LDHope is a multi-sensory, interactive learning system that individualizes remediation through technology. This educational therapy method has experienced significant success because it focuses on long-term solutions by strengthening the student's learning patterns and permanently improving academic performance.

Sensory integration therapy is a series of neurological exercises that combines the visual, auditory, and motor kinesthetic pathways in the brain. Sensory integration therapy aids in learning by giving the brain stimulation in one sensory mode, asking it to call up information from memory using a second sensory mode, and asking for a response through a third sensory mode. By completing these exercises with the correct sequencing and timing, the brain’s sensory pathways are interlocked and learning becomes reflexive. As LDHope trains auditory and visual senses to work smoothly and quickly with the motor or movement capabilities of speaking and writing, it is providing the basis for increased learning efficiency. Sensory integration training is practiced in each of the SENSE IT exercises. Students also process the lesson words through integration tasks that include the following computer-aided exercises: Duplicate IT, Match IT, Choose IT, Edit IT, Race IT, and Repeat IT. Worksheets and reading aloud are additional exercises that enhance fluency.